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Welcome to The Ray’s Maze Page! You’ve reached the official source for news and information about Ray Dunakin’s games. All of the games are also available for download from this page.

Big news! — March 25, 2015

A Mess O’ Trouble is now on the Mac App Store! Visit the game’s web site for more information on the new release!

Ray’s Maze games are a series of old-school adventure games. The player enters a set of interconnected worlds known as “Ray’s Maze” and explores them, searching for treasure, while overcoming obstacles and avoiding perils. The games emphasize solving puzzles through the use of common sense and ingenuity.

All these games were released as shareware for Macintosh computers in the 1990s. Currently, they are being updated and re-released for modern Macs, with A Mess O’ Trouble being the first to be released. If you do want to play the original shareware games, they are still available for download below. You will either need a Mac with a 68K or PowerPC processor or an emulator program that can emulate such a Mac.

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The Games


Twisted! (1997)

A fantastic new adventure by the author of the Ray’s Maze series!

Get ready for a wondrous visit to satirical places! A mysterious twister is the impetus for a startling journey to a world as strange as any in Ray’s Maze. Download Twisted! today and begin your journey through the strange yet familiar Land of Ooz.

The Deluxe color version of the game:
System Requirements: Mac OS 7.5 or higher, 68030, 68040, or PowerPC processor, 6 MB available RAM, 26 MB available disk space, color monitor
Download Twisted! Deluxe (10.9 MB)

The original black-and-white version:
Download Twisted! (1.5 MB)

A Mess O' Trouble

A Mess O’ Trouble (1994)

The ultimate challenge!

Explore an authentic ghost town for hidden gold. Escape from a tropical island. Break the curse afflicting the beautiful Faerie Queen. Uncover the secret of ancient technology and save a civilization from utter obliteration! These and many more challenges are ready to be overcome in A Mess O’ Trouble! This is the third and last game in the Ray’s Maze series.

Now on the Mac App Store! Find out more about A Mess O’ Trouble on the official website!

The original shareware version for 68K or PowerPC Macs:
Download (1.9 MB)

Another Fine Mess

Another Fine Mess (1992)

The adventure continues!

Seek your fortune or die trying! Visit eerie moors, a desolate battlefield, and an ancient castle. Battle bureaucrats, sand pirates, and other horrific monsters. Challenging puzzles and fantastic treasures abound. This is the second game in the Ray’s Maze series.

Download Now! (1.8 MB)

Ray’s Maze

Ray’s Maze (1990)

The original Ray’s Maze game!

Journey into Ray’s Maze for the very first time! Visit the Land of Infernos, help the Butthead Trolls of Posteria, and meet the wandering Minstrel. But be warned—the Maze is full of outlandish monsters and deadly booby traps! Only the bravest and most determined adventurers will persevere to unlock the secrets of the Maze and escape with their lives!

Download Now! (1.4 MB)

Other Resources

Visit Ray’s site ( for more information about Ray, his games, and his many other interests.

World Builder, the 1980s Mac app Ray used to create his games originally, can be downloaded here.

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