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Welcome to The Ray’s Maze Page! You’ve reached the official source for news and information about Ray Dunakin’s games. All of the games are also available for download from this page.

Ray’s Maze and its sequels are some of the most expertly constructed adventure games available. Travel through world after world of magic and mystery on a search for treasure, happiness, or just a way back home. Anything can happen in the mixed-up worlds of Ray’s Maze. Be prepared for mind-boggling obstacles, fearsome adversaries, and dozens of hours of adventure.

These games are all shareware. The small registration fee is well worth the gaming value. Try one and see for yourself! All these games are for Macintosh computers. Check out this note if you have problems running the games on your Mac. If you have another platform, they run quite well on emulators.

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A Message from Ray about Morphworld’s Status

RayMay 14, 2001: I don’t have very much new to report. The game is still in progress, but it’s a very slow, tedious process. For the past few months I’ve been adding a major new area to the “Ice” world. I’ve finished most of the 3D models for this section, and have rendered many of the scenes. Recently I’ve begun putting these new scenes into the game itself.

What goes into making a game like this, and why does it take so long?

Modeling: First, everything has to be modeled in 3D, usually as a complete “world” model. All the terrain, buildings, objects and characters are modeled individually and then combined into one huge model.

Textures: I also have to create textures for every part of every model. Some are made from scanned photos, heavily modified in Photoshop. Others are drawn or painted from scratch in Photoshop. Most textures require several different images, called “maps”, one for each of the reflective properties of the object.

Rendering: After the models are complete, virtual cameras are positioned at each of the viewpoints that will be needed in the game. These camera provide a view of the model as if you were actually standing in it. The 3D program must then render each of these views. On a complex model, each view can take many hours. In the section of the Ice world that I’m currently working on, most of the scenes take 8-10 hours, and some take more than 24 hours to render!

Retouching: After rendering, most of the scenes require at least some touchup in Photoshop. In the Ice world, where almost everything is supposed to be ice, snow, or some type of carved ice, each image requires a lot of retouching to get the right look.

Putting them in the game: After the scenes have been rendered, retouched, and converted to 8-bit color, they must be imported into the game, one scene at a time. Then all the new scenes must be linked for the correct player navigation. Clickable areas have to be created. Once all the scenes for a given area are in place and can be navigated, then scene objects are added, and eventually the code is written that controls all possible actions in the scene.

Because Morphworld uses Myst-style, first-person navigation, there are many more scenes than in my older games. The player moves from point to point, and at each point there are 2-4 different views, such as North, South, East and West. That adds up to a tremendous number of scenes! So far there are well over 300 individual views in Morphworld, with many more yet to be added.

As you can see, creating a game that is visually comparable to a commercial product is an incredible amount of work for one person. In fact, had I known from the start just how much time and effort it would take, I probably would have chosen to stick with the kind of simple cartoony graphics I used in Twisted Deluxe.

The Games


Twisted 2.2 (4/26/99)

A fantastic new adventure by the author of the Ray’s Maze series!

Get ready for a wondrous visit to satirical places! A mysterious twister is the impetus for a startling journey to a world as strange as any in Ray’s Maze. Download Twisted today and begin your journey through the strange yet familiar Land of Ooz.

Color version now available for download!
System Requirements: Mac OS 7.5 or higher, 68030, 68040, or PowerPC processor, 6 MB available RAM, 26 MB available disk space, color monitor
Download Twisted 2.2 Now! (10 MB)

If your system doesn’t meet the system requirements or you have other technical problems, download this older version instead. It has black-and-white graphics, but will run on any Mac.
Download Twisted 1.6 (1.5 MB)


Morphworld (currently on hold)

Ray’s first CD game!

Ray is currently working on his first full-color CD game, called Morphworld. On a space mission gone awry, the player is transported to an amazing world where anything can happen. No release date has been set at this time.


A Mess O' Trouble

A Mess O’ Trouble 1.8 (5/22/97)

The ultimate challenge!

Explore an authentic ghost town for hidden gold. Uncover the secret of ancient technology. Escape from a desert island. Outwit bureaucrats and other fearsome creatures while attempting to save a civilization from utter obliteration! These and many more challenges are ready to be overcome in A Mess O’ Trouble!

Download Now! (Only 1.8 MB)

Another Fine Mess

Another Fine Mess 1.8 (8/31/97)

The adventure continues!

Seek your fortune or die trying! Visit eerie moors, a desolate battlefield, and an ancient castle. Battle bureaucrats, sand pirates, and other horrific monsters. Challenging puzzles and fantastic treasures abound. This is the second game in the Ray’s Maze series. The game features excellent graphics with multiple story lines.

Download Now! (Only 1.7 MB)

Ray’s Maze

Ray’s Maze 1.5

The original Ray’s Maze game!

Now available! But be warned, you will probably need to apply the following hack first.

Use ResEdit to open the Ray’s Maze application. Open the CODE resource ID 1. On the first or second line (offset 0008) is the hex number 2078. Change this to 602C and the application will be 32-bit compatible. You can download ResEdit here.

Download Now! (Only 1.3 MB)

Other Resources

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World Builder, the adventure game creation system, can be downloaded here.

Mark Dunakin (Ray’s brother) has a Ray’s Game page with info about his upcoming Windows version of Twisted.

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